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Wine Cellar Doors


Wine Cellar Doors - more infor

Maybe you thought you knew exactly what you wanted in a wine cellar door. New Erra Doors can bring your idea to life! There is an enormous selection to choose from through many other vendors. When you choose New Erra Doors you will have a unique one-of-a-kind custom door. Our doors are solid mahogany with your chose of glass top panel (standard options), and your choice of ironwork design..Some of our most popular features are the iron inserts on "Wine Cellar". When you purchase a door elsewhere you are given a standard design ironwork. With New Erra Doors you get what you want!
While all of these models are very popular among our clientele, we know that many people prefer a door that is theirs and theirs alone—and that's exactly why we bring our shoppers the option to craft a custom door with the help of our designer.
Wine Cellar Doors provide stylish access to your fine wines. Wine cellar doors are the first thing your guests will see when they visit your wine cellar. Since so many cellars are located in the living space now, they are also an important part of the overall room design.