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Door Buying Guide

As a discerning buyer, who is considering the purchase of a custom wood door, for your home or business, the cost is probably going to be one of your concerns. While a price estimate can be formally and quickly calculated using standard unit sizes, cost, height, width and measurements—the price of a handcrafted wooden door doesn’t come close to reflecting its true value and overall contribution to your home’s curb appeal.

“Remember: You’re not just buying a door—You’re Commissioning a Work of Art. “

The experience of creating a masterpiece can be as seamless as possible. And to assist you with the purchase we are providing a step-by-step guide. Please call us if any additional help is needed.

Before you Order

Step 1 - Design

Determine the design structure, glass, and size according to the homes dimensions, either from our selection or draw your own.
When deciding on a door design you have certain principles to consider:

  • Width & Height
  • Whether the door has an "Arched", Elliptical" or "Straight" Top
  • Style
  • Size
  • Glass

Pick a door pattern

With New Erra you have several choices and options to choose from. Give us an idea from a hand drawn picture or even a photo. Most Common Selections:

  • Contemporary
  • Full Lites
  • Solid Flat
  • Shaped

Specify door size

Give us a heads up on dimensions for a fast quote and we will handle the rest once you buy the door. Since we are a custom door company we do not have set dimensions rather we create every door according to specified dimensions for your project. With our unique three-phase combination (manufacturer/distributor/installer) we take charge from the beginning by coming out to the jobsite, taking measurements for openings and making sure that the door we make has the measurements we need for a smooth installation.

Glass Options

We have several options when considering a custom glass design, glass color, thickness, and pattern. We work with several local architectural glass manufactures that can meet deadlines and handle the production.

Standard Glass

The glass we install on our doors is tempered double-panel insulated glass. We only provide clear patterns with our Standard door pricing.

Custom Glass

When you are for something different with your glass, we can offer a variety of options to accommodate your taste and desire.

Step 2 - Specs

Determining Jamb Depth...

New Erra Doors assembles jambs when performing installations. The jamb serves as the frame that the door is attached to. In order to get the correct size we will need the dimensions from wall to wall. To help you determine the correct jamb size we are providing the following details:

Determining Swing...

Most of the time customers prefer doors to come inswing (open towards inside of house) but we are setup to build jambs of the doors that open out to the exterior.

When it comes to double doors, customer will need to determine right-hand or left-hand swing. To choose which door would open, imagine you are looking at the front of the house. If the hinges are on the left side, then it is a left-swing. If the hinges are on the right then it is a right-swing.





Step 3 - Other Options





Desired Finishing


Iron Decors


Step 4 - Order Procedures

The only part left from ordering your door is hardware selection and stain selection. We have a variety of handle selections from Emtek Hardware and you can pick from four of our standard stain finishes. You can either make your choices right away or choose it from the beginning or your can visit our showroom as soon as you are ready for your selection.

Hardware Selections;
-Brass Tubular

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-Single & Two Point Locksets

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