Turnkey Operations


New Erra Doors is proud to manufacture your door and its wooden components in our South American factory.

But the factory only does half of the project: building the doors. Once the door has been built and has been shipped to our Fort Myers workshop, our finishing crew goes to work on the other half: ensuring all the final details get done so the door is ready for installation.


Local quality assurance checks.

We inspect the doors at every step of the production process, including installation! Rest assured, we take great pride in knowing that only the best are provided to the customers, and we work hard to make sure you are satisfied and impressed with your new door.


Hand Stained color for your new door.

Our master finisher will stain your doors in one of our 7 standard colors. We also have custom options available for discussion to have that just-right color!


Impact Rated Glass to let Florida Sunshine in.

Glass is a beautiful way to let light into a room, and what better way to add beauty to your door? We have our standard Clear glass option, and can show you the different color and textured options for the added privacy you are looking for! All while being Hurricane Impact Rated!


Highest quality brass hardware for your protection.

You can’t open the door without the right hardware! We have an extensive selection for you to choose your ideal lockset, and even contemporary pulls if that is what you are looking for!

The door and its components are now ready for installation!

Once the big day arrives, we load the door and its components onto the secure trailer and send it on its way!